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Using seasonal ingredients is an important part of buying local and minimizing your “carbon footprint”.  But also, things TASTE better when they’re in season!  There is nothing better than the taste of a ripe peach in the middle of the summer or the tang of citrus fruits brightening up the dead of winter.  Now, living in the Midwest, I’m obviously not buying oranges locally…but I do my best to buy when things are in season here.  Which brings us to the subject at hand – the SEASONAL POTLUCK!  My friend Betsy and I decided to put this together for fellow bloggers and food lovers, and you’re invited!

We will be adding a badge to both of our sites shortly that you can grab and add to your “potluck” posts.  (UPDATE: the badge is posted! Just copy and paste the html below into a widget to add it to your site.)  We will also figure out a way to link back to everyone’s posts.  The more recipes, the better!  The rules are below, and please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Join us for the APRIL potluck, which kicks off this Friday the 1st (not an April Fool’s joke!).  This month’s featured ingredient:  RHUBARB

Seasonal Potluck

The Rules!

  1. All recipes must include the seasonal ingredient of the month.
  2. Any course (i.e. appetizer, main dish, dessert) and even drinks are fair game.
  3. One post per week is the goal, if you can’t – we still want you to participate!  Just post as much as you can or would like to.
  4. Recipes can be posted any day of the week, BUT if you post on Friday try to make a drink or an appetizer in the spirit of happy hour!


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You can see what Betsy is cooking at www.betsylife.com or follow her on Twitter @betsylife


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